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"You guys at VPW have the best facilities of any school I have attended in town. By far."

"The class was amazing and my photography is at a new level. To make matters worse, I can’t take classes anywhere else now since they just aren’t up to the standard set by Vancouver Photo Workshops; the competition is a waste of time by comparison."

This September 8th, join the team of Vancouver Photo Workshops for our 2012 VPW Photography Seminar Event. In total, we have 25 (!!) Seminars taught by 11 renowned instructors!

Come and join us for what will be one of the biggest 1 day photographic Seminar events across Canada in 2012!

For only $35, you get to pick up to 3 Seminars for the day. In total, there are 25 Seminars to choose from. Schedule and decription(s) of each seminar can be found below.

Event Schedule at a Glance:

  • 10:00am - 1:00pm
    Indulge in gourmet coffee and pastries from our friendly neighbours Cacoa Nymph
  • 12:00pm - 7:00pm
    Enjoy delicious BBQ eats and cold drinks
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
    Browse our community Photo Gear Garage Sale (cash only please)
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
    "Chic" Photography Exhibition at PhotoHaus Gallery

In addition to the Seminars, we will host a community photo gear garage sale, and satisfy your thirst and appetite with gourmet coffee and patries in the morning, followed by a BBQ for lunch and dinner.

We’ll display our valued student’s work and answer any questions you may have about our many courses or workshops. You can browse our studio facilities, check our dedicated photography exhibition space (more info at, and meet and mingle with our instructors and staff.

If you're not participating in the seminars, we would still like to see you!
You can attend our Open House and all events mentioned above (except the seminars) completely for free

Come and see for yourself why no other teaching facility in Vancouver can compare to us.

Descriptions for each Seminar can be found below, as well as a schedule for the day:

Click here or the image above to download a PDF of this schedule.

Join us on September 8th, and take the first step to Achieving Your Vision!

How to register for the Seminars:

Follow the link on the bottom of this page to register online. Registration is quick and secure and will only take 3 minutes. During the online registration process, you will be able to select which seminar or shooting demo you would like to register for. Choose as few as one (1) and a maximum of three (3). Details about each seminar can be found below, simply click on the 'Seminar Descriptions' link.

Download the Seminar schedule in PDF format by clicking here.

Please Note: The $35 registration fee permits you to select up to three (3!) of the Seminars above. Interested in taking more? Cotact our office at 778.898.5256 or
Please Note: The $35 registration fee permits you to select up to three (3!) of the Seminars above. Interested in taking more? Cotact our office at 778.898.5256 or

Download the Seminar schedule in PDF format by clicking here.

Instructor: Aura McKay
Nude & Figure Photography:
Nationally Accredited Figure Photographer Aura McKay shares her passion and images as she discusses how she 'sees'.  Aura has a firm belief that successful people photography comes from a foundation of posing the figure and building dynamic tension, shape, volume and form through attention to detail and use of negative space.
Portraiture & Posing Techniques:
Join Mary Jensen as she explores some of the most important aspects of portraiture. Learn how to capture meaningful and expressive images through posing and direction.
Adobe Lightroom:
“Bet you didn't know Lightroom could do that!” Join Aura McKay as she shows you hidden shortcut keys, tips for using different modules, and introduces you to the amazing creative possibilities within the develop module and presets palette.
*Laptop with Adobe Lightroom 3 recommended

Instructor: Syx Langemann
One-Light Demo:
Don’t’ forget your cameras! Syx will show you, hands-on, how to effectively use just one light for photographing people. This session is meant to inspire, and show you many creative ways to get great shots with a minimum amount of equipment. Syx will use a model for his hands-on demo. Time permitting, participants will have a chance to shoot as well. 
  Photoshop CS6:
Join Syx as he discusses the advantages of working with Adobe Photoshop CS6. Explore layers, masks, and adjustments: the tools you need to take your images to the next level.
Please note: Computer / Laptop with Adobe Photoshop CS6 *not* required. This is a presentation style seminar.
Photographic Projects & Inspiration:
Looking to get inspired? Stuck in a photographic rut? Join Syx Langmann as he discusses how to re-discover your passion for photography through exploring exciting photographic projects and challenges. See a slideshow of his ongoing 'Once I was a camera' series.

Instructor: Marc Koegel
Fine Art B&W Long Exposures:
Join Marc Koegel as he shows you step-by-step how he achieves his award- winning black and white long exposure images. From capture to final product, Marc will provide information on camera techniques as well as tips for post production – including conversion from colour to black and white.
Fine Art Digital Printing:
In this seminar, we take a closer look at what it takes to make a fine-art print. Topics of discussion will include monitor calibration, printer settings, paper choices, mounting final prints, etc
During this seminar Marc will be printing one of his award-winning images using the Epson 7900 and Epson 3800 printer(s).

Instructor: Kaj Svensson
Photographing Star Trails:
Description coming soon!

Macro Photography:
You don’t need to leave your backyard to find interesting Macro shots! Kaj will give you a quick introduction to macro photography equipment, methods and post-production techniques.

Instructor: Ross den Otter
Mixed Media:
In this workshop where traditional artist media are carefully mixed with photographic
imagery unique works emerge. Photographs provide the base for mixed media pieces
layered and textured with artist acrylics and encaustic wax.
Fine-Art Retro Processes:
For all your fine-art photographers out there! Pin, box, film, sensitized paper, light and vision are the raw materials for this workshop where we explore the processes that formed the basis of photography over a century and a half ago.

Instructor: Morten Rand-Hendrickson
Photo-Blogging 101
Are you a Photographer interested in blogging? Then Morten will have a ton of valuable tips for you. Among topics discussed will be how to make sure your images will be seen and found by search engines etc.

Instructor: Katie Huisman
The Creation of Identity in 19th Century Photography:
The invention of photography was first announced to the world in 1839 and it was immediately put to use by recording people. Portraits were recorded for investigation as a form of inventory helping to classify people within social categories.  Photography became a vehicle to study the ancient idea that the human face carries signs of the real character.  How has the creation of identity shaped the way we view each other in contemporary society?
History of the Nude in Art & Photography:
This lecture offers a visual biography of 'the nude' as it first appeared in renaissance art, and became a frequent subject in photography from historic - contemporary times.  The use of the nude in photography varies from academic - fine art - erotic - fashion; each area will be discussed along with how the views of society continue to change toward nudity in art.
Photography as Contemporary Art:
Photography and Art have a historic relationship since the early 19th century.  Although the art world began to embrace the medium only in recent decades; in the twenty-first century it has begun to dominate it.  From conceptual arts use of the banal and artless 'snapshot aesthetic' approach to the carefully constructed fictional staged scene.  This lecture considers and explores the range of ways artists engage with photography to make art.

Instructor: Dan Kozma
Building a Portfolio
Description coming soon!

From Video to Stills: Exploring DSLR Video
Description coming soon! 

Instructor: Wayne Hoecherl
Fashion Demonstration/Shoot:
Wayne Hoecherl takes you behind the scenes at this full-scale fashion shoot! Watch as he interacts with make-up artists, professional models, and complex lighting set-ups to create stunning final images.
Time permitting, students will be able to shoot after the demonstration ends – bring your camera just in case!
Creative Lighting for Editorial Portraiture Demonstration:
Join our resident lighting expert, Wayne Hoecherl, as he demonstrates how to effectively and creatively use lighting to produce amazing portraits.
Time permitting, students will be able to shoot after the demonstration ends – bring your camera just in case!

Instructor: Richard Hulbert MAIBC, FRAIC, RCA, RAIA, AIA
Photographing Structures: An Architect’s Perspective:
Are you interested in architectural photography? Gain insight into this exciting field of photography with Richard Hulbert, an international award-winning architect, urban designer, and photographer. Learn about what architects do and how to better photograph buildings – inside and out! 
Photographing Cities: An Urban Designer’s Perspective:
Urban environments are arguably the most “target-rich” subject to photograph. In this unique seminar, learn the basics of city planning, and how that knowledge can enhance your photography. Richard will also outline the fascinating similarities between buildings and people as subject matter for photographers.
Urban Travel Photography:
Richard’s unique approach to travel photography combines his passions for architecture and urban environments with his love of travel and, of course, photography! This seminar will explore new facets of travel photography for our globetrotting students, and introduce our plans for a photo workshop in historic Quebec City.

Instructor: Dave Montizambert
Creating with Light with Dave Montizambert
Join acclaimed local Photographer Dave Montizambert as he introduces you to working and lighting in studio. Understanding even simple lighting techniques can lead to strong as well as creative images that can set you apart from other photographers. Explore what is possible with lighting in this 1 hour seminar!


Please Note: The $35 registration fee permits you to select up to three (3!) of the Seminars above. Interested in taking more? Cotact our office at 778.898.5256 or

Download the Seminar schedule in PDF format by clicking here.



Everyone is welcome


Varies per seminar

What to Bring

Equipment Needed:

Bring yourself (and a camera if you like)


Early-Bird Discount:

Most of our courses and workshops offer a 10% discount is applied automatically if you register before the Early-Bird Discount deadline date listed in the registration table below.

Some courses and workshops offer a discount if you're among the first 3 people who register. This discount will replace the 'standard' Early Bird Discount mentioned above, and will be applied automatically during the online registration process (as long as it is available). Check the course/workshop listing page for more details.

Group Discount:

A 5% discount will be appplied if 3 or more people register at the same time for the same workshop. (All 3 tuitions must be paid for by one credit card to be considered a group registration.) Please follow the instructions on the online registration page.


In order to provide the best learning environment possible VPW keeps class and tour sizes limited to 10-15 people (depending on the workshop). This is but one reason that we count on you to attend your chosen class or tour, once you have registered for it.

If you must withdraw for any reason please be aware of our refund policy as follows:

For our Local Lectures, Seminars, and Workshops valued at or under $100, VPW is unable to provide a cash refund. Transfers are limited to one transfer to either the same event at a later date, or a different event of equal value. VPW requires 48 hours written notice in order to make such a transfer (email notice is acceptable). The event you are transferring to must occur within 6 months of the original event you registered for. A $15 fee will be applied to all transfers.

For our Local Workshops, 1 to 5 days in length and our Local 4 to 10 Week Courses, VPW requires 30 days written notice (before the event start date) of your withdrawal in order to provide a refund. (Email notice is acceptable.)

For our Master Photographer Series workshops, 1 to 5 days in length, VPW requires 60 days written notice (before the workshop start date) of your withdrawal in order to provide a refund. VPW may retain 15% of fees paid or $150 minimum in processing your refund. If the tuition is less than $500 the minimum fee drops to $75.

Within 45 days of the Master Photographer Series workshop date all fees paid are non-refundable.

For our Photo Tours (national and international), the following charges will apply:

  • If you cancel up to 3 months before the tour start date and we can fill your space, your reservation (or deposit) fee will be refunded
  • There is no additional cancellation fee up to 8 weeks before the start of your tour
  • From 8 weeks to 4 weeks before the tour: 25% of your balance
  • From 4 weeks to 1 week before the tour: 50% of your balance
  • From 1 week to 72 hours before the tour: 75% of your balance
  • If you cancel within 72 hours of the start of the trip, no refund can be paid
  • Transaction charges incurred on accepting and refunding payments will be deducted from the refund amount
  • In the (unlikely) event that we cancel the Photo Tour, all monies paid will be refunded in full

We highly recommend that you take out travel insurance to guard yourself against monies lost due to unavoidable cancellation by either party.

Transfers (for all events over $100): If you wish to transfer to a different workshop date, VPW requires a minimum of 30 days written (email) notice. All transfers are based on availaibility, and subject to approval by VPW staff. For courses/workshops with tuition above $101, the transfer fee is $35.

Transfer Fees as based on event pricing:
Tuition of $100 and below, the transfer fee is $15
Tuition of $101 and above, the transfer fee is $35

VPW can give no refunds:

If you registered for any event valued at or under $100
If you do not show up for your registered course.
If you register for a course beyond or below your skill or ability level.

Refunds for all events valued at $101 and above (excluding Master Series Workshops):
If a student wishes to cancel their registration for any of VPW's events, and has provided written notice within the appropriate timeframe, a refund less a $50 administration fee will be provided.

Course Cancellation:

Occasionally, we may have to cancel a course due to low enrollment. In this case, we will issue a full refund of all monies paid to VPW up to that time.

Instructor Replacement:

In the event that a listed instructor is unable to participate because of a change in his or her professional schedule, we will replace the instructor with someone of equal or similar credentials. If we cannot find a replacement in due time before the course is about to start, a particular class may have to be rescheduled.


In the event that we cancel your course, for any reason, the extent of VPW's liability is limited to the return of all monies paid. We will do everything we can to register you in another equivalent course. VPW will not be responsible for reimbursement of travel expenses of any kind.

Please note: An administration charge of $50 applies to all refunds

Read complete refund and liability policy
  • Instructors who receive the highest student feedback and are all working professionals. Ask anyone who has taken a course or workshop with us and they will tell you that we have the best instructors in town. We are proud of each member of our team. We only hire the best and pay the highest wages, too.

  • Price. Our courses and workshop are affordably priced. Go ahead and look around. You won't find a course or workshop of similar quality for a lower price. When comparing prices, take into account the quality of the instructor, the quality (and number) of models, the level and quality of equipment available for your use, the facilities in which you're being taught and the class size.

  • Professional Equipment. We use the latest lighting equipment from Profoto, Dynalight, Hensel and Elinchrome. Our computers are latest generation Apple Macintosh Workstations.

  • Professional Models: Ever taken a course or workshop elsewhere where models did not show up or have absolutely no experience posing? We belief in hiring top professionals for two reasons. They are on-time, and make for much better pictures. They are fun to work with. Just like our instructors, we pay the highest rates in town for our models. And it shows in the pictures our students get...

  • Small classes. Unlike the competition that takes up to 20+ students, most VPW classes are significantly smaller, allowing for greater student teacher interaction and one-on-one attention.

  • We build photographic community. We don't just teach photography, we practice it every day. We blog about it. We have the largest and most active Facebook and Twitter communities of any teaching facility in town. We support and sponsor local non-profit photography groups like and the Vancouver Photo Marathon.

  • We know what is happening in photography, right now! No darkrooms need apply. We offer training in the latest digital photography trends and techniques. Our courses haven't been written 10 years ago. We know what that button on your new digital camera does!

  • We offer the greatest variety of courses and workshops in town. From 2 hour evening seminars to our Master Series Workshops, you're sure to find something interesting.

  • We are open Sundays! In fact, we belief that's a great day to do (and learn about) photography. But don't worry, we're open the rest of the week, too...

"You guys at VPW have the best facilities of any school I have attended in town. By far."

"I would like to thank you for doing such a great job teaching the Introduction to Digital Photography class. I am extremely happy with everything that was covered. It exceeded my expectations."

"Great course - I really enjoyed the hands-on shooting exercises and I am confident using my digital camera gear now."

"What a great Introduction to Digital Photography! Fun class, instructor and day trips. Info well delivered.

I will sign up for the next program, I was so impressed!"

Read more testimonials......

Here's a small list of instructors who will be in attendance at this Open House Event. In total, there will be 11 instructors presents.

Aura McKay
Read Aura's Biography

Syx Langemann
Read Syx's Biography

Mary Jensen
Read Mary's Biography
Marc Koegel
Read Marc's Biography

Please choose your instructor and workshop date from the registration table below.

Class Start Date Time Seminar Schedule: Location How much? Registration
VPW Seminar Event 2012 September 8th, 2012 10am-7pm Download PDF VPW Studios $35 (3 Seminars) Click Here to Register