Syx Langemann Biography

Syx Langemann has been creating arresting images and photographing his own unique world since 1993.

His models often find themselves in strange angular poses, gently contorting and twisting to fit with the frame. His Classically Twisted Nudes challenge the viewer to discover new ways of seeing beauty. This work has been exhibited at the Douglas Udell Gallery, used on the set of The "L" Word, and published in international magazine Skin Two as well as The Photo Fetish Anthologies 3 & 4. He has worked with many different subjects over the years. Recent projects include: No Graffito & Once I Was a Camera which explores his own version of street photography and the formal construction of images.

Syx has also been concentrating on His portrait career. Influenced by his experience assisting Joe McNally with his recent work, Syx focuses his attention to the creative uses of the light and environment to create lasting and powerful portraits.

His personal studio has plenty of his current works on display, contact him for a viewing appointment.

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Syxs Teaching Style
"I believe in photography as a lifestyle.Your photography is direct reflection of who you are and your own personal experiences, and your camera is the tool with which you translate your own reality. I like helping in both a technical and an artistic way to guide students in achieving their vision, and expressing themselves, no matter how different that vision may be. We should be able to lose ourselves in the enjoyment of photography and my role at Vancouver Photo Workshops is to make sure my students obtain that level of intimacy and involvement in their work."

"Syx's refreshing and unique vision made for an exciting workshop - I got great images for my portfolio and will be back and take another workshop with him."


"Syx has an addictive passion for photography - I really enjoyed learning from him!"

Syx Teaches

Basic Intensive Weekend

Introduction to Digital SLR

Intermediate 8 week

Lightroom Weekend

Lightroom Indpeth 8 Week

One Day Location Lighting Workshop

On & Off Camera Flash - 8 Week

The 'New Nude' Workshop

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Blackframe Studios (nude)

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