"Thank you Marc for a great course today - in Practical Studio Lighting. I love the one-day format and the way you managed to cover so much in one day with a lot of clarity and depth. It was a very useful overview for me plus I had a lot of fun in the afternoon with the models."

"You guys at VPW are doing great stuff. I have been a loyal student ever since your Joe McNally Location Lighting Workshop in 2007. Having been to many workshops elsewhere I can only applaud you on your genuine efforts. Your attention to detail, high quality locations and lighting equipment is what keeps me coming back."

"This has been the best photography course I have ever taken - thank you VPW for keeping the class size small, instructors are the best in the City and we worked with true professional equipment."

"Just wanted to send a quick email in appreciation of the work you did with us on the Flash Workshop. I really did learn a lot and I think it was because you not only presented the technical part well but we also had the opportunity to apply it right after lunch. Like I said at the end I hardly knew that so much time had gone by. So thank you again."

"Simply the best value in the City - Thank you Marc for an excellent and inspiring workshop."

"This session was just what I was looking for. Thank you Marc for sharing your knowledge with us!"

"Thanks again for the course...tons of very useful info for a newbie like me. Well worth the time and money!!!"

"When my friends looked at my photographs they couldn't believe that I really was the one who took them - I told them that VPW could help them achieve the same outstanding results as well! Thank you for an excellent class!"

"Excellent Workshop - I never thought I could learn as much in only 3 hours."

"Your attention to even the smallest details makes all the difference - even your coffee tasted great!"

"I have taken many photography classes over the years at different institutions throughout the City and abroad, and your school has set a new standard when it comes to photography instruction - I will be back for more!"

"The energy in the Studio was amazing, nobody wanted to leave."

"Marc and the fellows at VPW bring a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to the sessions. The models are professional and the amount of shooting during the sessions outstanding. Fellow class participants added to the value of class."

"Finally a workshop that teaches the creative aspects as much as the technical necessities."

"I wanted to say thanks again as the workshop was awesome. I am seeing a definite difference in my photos already and am excited to shoot and learn more."

"I can always read photography books or go online to learn specific technical information - what I enjoyed the most today was the real-life problems and solutions offered by actual working professional photographers.

I can't find this in any books or online. Thanks for a fantastic workshop!"

"Small class size and lots of shooting opportunities - I got everything out of this workshop and more."

"Awesome Workshop! I am finally understanding my flash after a couple years of owning one."

"After having taken many photography courses elsewhere I still was not comfortable using my flash - I learned more in a few short hours than over months taking other classes.

Thank you for a great course with lots of real life advice."

"Vancouver was in urgent need for a professional and personable school like yours."

"Well you've certainly been busy...what an amazing program you've created. I think you're doing a great thing for the Vancouver photo community. You are certainly filling a much needed niche."

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