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Tim Tallevi is a commercial, portrait and wedding photographer living in Squamish, British Columbia. His love of photography began when he started to bring a camera with him skiing, climbing and mountain biking. The beautiful locations, combined with the energy and intensity of the moments being captured, are what draw him into the mountains as often as possible.

A natural born teacher Tim enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge of photography. He is constantly exploring new and innovative lighting techniques and has himself studied under and assisted some of the world's top commercial and fine art photographers.

Staying at the forefront of technology and the creative process is an important part of Tim's work. His images range from high action and adrenaline shots to intimate nudes to beautiful wedding and portrait photography.

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Tims Teaching Style
"I believe in experienced based teaching with lots of interactive and hands on exercises. I like to create a relaxed class room atmosphere where we can focus on the technical aspects of photography in a fun environment.
My strengths in photography are centered around lighting, people and action images. I love to try out all the new equipment and lighting styles and then share that knowledge with my students. I find the human form a compelling subject and like to inspire my students to view shots from different perspectives and angles."

"I can always read photography books or go online to learn specific technical information.

What I enjoyed the most today was the real-life problems and solutions offered by actual working professional photographers.

I can't find this in any books or online. Thanks for a fantastic workshop!"

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Fundamental Photoshop Workshop

Digital SLR Photography Boot Camp

Summer Teen Camp Photography Workshop

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