Become an Instructor

Are you interested in joining our top notch team of motivated instructors? We are looking for dedicated professionals who are the leaders in their respective fields - only the best of the best need apply!

In processing your application, we will look closely at the following criteria:

  • Do you have 10 years or more experience in photography?
  • Have you ever taught professional level photography courses or workshops?
  • Are you currently on the leading edge of your field?
  • Do you contribute to photo publications regularly?
  • Has your work been published or shown in galleries?
  • Did you ever write and publish book(s) and/or article(s)?
  • Do you share our vision of providing excellence in teaching while letting your students enjoy the technical, as well as, the creative aspects of photography?

If your answer to most of these question is "Yes", then we would like to hear from you!

You are encouraged to send your application using the contact form on the right. Please include what subject(s) you would like to teach and also what your preferred format would be (seminar, workshop, or course).

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please provide as much detail as you can about your skill level, area of interest, experience, available times and dates and personal teaching philosophy.

Due to the number of submissions we will only contact those instructors whom we are interested in working with. Thank you for your time.

VPW Instructor Submission Form: