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This weekend intensive workshop is designed to provide you with an advanced understanding of the practical and creative aspects of working on location with small portable lighting equipment.

This workshop is designed for all you Strobist's out there, looking not only to practice your skills in a professional environment but also to pick up additional tips and tricks that take your images to the next level.

We will concentrate on introducing you to the many options available when working with small strobes on location, whether indoors or outside. We'll cover technical concepts with a focus on the practical applications.

The workshop's main goal is to get you shooting as much as possible given practice is essential to advancing your skills. We'll shoot extensively on both Saturday and Sunday.

We'll work both indoors and outside. Extensive Shooting Assignments will be given, designed to give you hands-on practice. You will be working in small groups, specialized equipment will be provided for each group to work with, but you are encouraged to bring any gear you already own. Lighting and equipment demonstrations will be scheduled throughout the 2 days.

We'll meet in the morning to discuss equipment and our goals for the weekend. You'll be working with portable camera flashes (you are welcome to bring your own as well) using light modifiers such as beauty softboxes, umbrellas, bare bulb reflectors, snoots, grids etc...

Please Note: SLR Camera only

The following techniques will be demonstrated and discussed, and will also be part of the specific shooting assignment list:

  • Manual Mode on Small Strobes (Canon 580ex, Nikon SB800, Vivitar 283 etc...)
  • Triggering options for small strobes
  • Stands, Mounting Hardware, Light Modifiers, and other essentials on our gear list
  • Lighting on a budget - home-made modifiers versus 'professional' solutions
  • High Speed Sync - practical assessment
  • Using Gels for both creative and corrective purposes
  • Using multiple small strobes (Nikon's CLS, ITTL, Canon's ETTL 2)
  • Wireless flash photography - practical assessment
  • Key-shifting, slow sync modes, multiple exposure modes explained

Additional Lighting Exercises we explore:

  • "Bare Bulb" Flash Lighting
  • Simple Umbrella Lighting - Shoot Through versus Reflective
  • Clamshell Lighting for Portraits, using various light modifiers
  • Selective Lighting (using snoots, grids, zoomed flash beam, etc)
  • Creative Lighting Techniques (using 'cookies', color gels, density filters)
  • Hard versus Soft Light
  • Directional versus Broad Light
  • Mixing Ambient Light with Flash indoors and outside
  • Multiple Exposures with flash


Participants are expected to be familiar with their flash's basic operation. It is suggested that you take our On-Camera Flash Workshop before taking this seminar.


Maximum 15 participants.

What to Bring

Equipment Needed:

Bring your camera (must have manual controls) and at least 1 lens.
Optional: additional lenses, camera flash, tripod and any strobe equipment you wish to use.

We Provide:

Detailed course notes in binder.
All lighting equipment and professional models when shooting in a professional studio/location setting as part of this course.


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"You guys at VPW are doing great stuff. I have been a loyal student ever since your Joe McNally Location Lighting Workshop in 2007.

Having been to many workshops elsewhere I can only applaud you on your genuine efforts.Your attention to detail, high quality locations and lighting equipment is what keeps me coming back."

"Finally a workshop that teaches the creative aspects as much as the technical necessities."

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The Small Strobes and Location Lighting Workshop is taught by the following instructor:

Marc Koegel
Read Marc's Biography

Please choose your workshop date from the registration table below.

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Class Dates Time Early-Bird Discount Ends Location Instructor Registration
Weekend Nov 6th-7th, 2010 10am-5pm Oct 15th, 2010 VPW Studios Marc Koegel Click Here to Register
Weekend TBA, 2011 10am-5pm TBA, 2011 VPW Studios Marc Koegel Click Here for Wait List