"In case, it's not obvious enough....THANK YOU MARC.  Much gratitude for all your insightful teaching, instructive crits, and great access...all made me a better photographer!" Joanne S.

New for 2020, this one-of-a-kind ONLINE course will teach you how to make stunning black and white images using long-exposures ranging from a few seconds to 60+ minutes. In addition to learning how to take these images, you'll also learn about how to process your images using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Plugin software such as Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.

For those not able to commit to Marc's famous in-person workshops on this topic we have created this 10 week ONLINE format. Learn at your own pace, wherever you are in the world. Get personalized attention and feedback from your instructor and interact with like-minded students.

The goal of this course is to produce stunning black and white landscape and/or urban cityscape images using long exposure techniques.

Images above: Copyright Marc Koegel Photography

During the 10 week course you will be given 4 photography assignments. You then receive individual feedback on your work in video format, and you're also able to see Marc's thoughts on everyone else's work. You'll be able to leave feedback on other people's images, too, and you can ask questions and interact with all participants of the course and Marc himself.

Students tell us that the feedback they receive on their work is one of their favorite aspects about this online course.

In the past few years, Marc's long exposure photography has won numerous international awards including the IPA (International Photo Awards), Spider Awards and PX3 (Prix De La Photographie Paris). Marc's work has also been featured on numerous photography blogs and recently on the Phase One website.

Images above: Copyright Marc Koegel Photography

Since 2011, Marc has had 1600+ students from all over the world take this online Course! Students came from all over the world, including (but not limited to) the follwoing countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Portugal, Russia (Moscow), New Zealand

Marc's students have won several international awards, including the IPA (International Photo Awards), Spider Awards and PX3 (Prix De La Photographie Paris) using the techniques presented in this online course as well as his guidance through image reviews and critiques.

Please make sure to click below for wekk-by-week outline of what will be covered in this online course.

Class 1:

Long Exposure Photography techniques for daytime as well as night-time. Overview of required equipment including ND filters, tripods and remote camera releases. Calculating exposure times using ND filters. Marc will be using samples of his award-winning images to illustrate concepts explained.

Assignment 1 given

Cass 2:

Long Exposure techniques for urban and cityscape photography. Thoughts and advice on picking exposure times to achieve specific artistic effects in urban environments. Examples will include images Marc photographed in Berlin, London, Havana and New York City using exposures ranging from 1 second to 60 Minutes.

Cass 3:

Long Exposure techniques for landscape photography. Thoughts and advice on picking exposure times to achieve specific artistic effects in landscape / rural environments. Examples will include images Marc created in Iceland, Norway, the Canadian Prairies and the Yukon using exposures from 1/4 sec to 60 Minutes.

Assignment 2 given

Class 4:

Composition and image design advice / discussion for long exposure photography. A discussion on previsualizing your final image and specific advice to help you prepare for a shoot / photography trip including planning stages, helpful app's and applications.

Class 5:

Colour versus black and white long exposure photograhy, with specific tips and tricks for working and seeing in black and white. This week's lectures will be illustrated with many of Marc's award winning images.

Assignment 3 given

Class 6:

Introduction to digital workflow, black and white conversions using Adobe Lightroom and plugin's such as SilverFX Pro 2. Once again, Marc will be demonstrating these techniques using many of his award-wining photographs.

Cass 7:

Case-Study: Image stacking on busy urban streets. This week Marc will demonstrate a unique workflow where one can create long exposure effects without actually doing a long exposure. This demonstration will include the use of Adobe Photoshop software (a free trial can be donwloaded for those who currently do not own this software).

Assignment 4 given

Class 8:

Case-Study: Extended Long Exposures during a full moon night. This week Marc will demonstrate how he created his new, and still emerging, series of night-time long exposures taken during a full moon. Unlike the week before, these images can be created with very little software use.

Class 9:

The full story behind the picture: This week, Marc will discuss his entire workflow from planning a shoot to the finished images ready for print and exhibition. He will take 3 of his award-winning images from start to finish using the techiques discussed throughout this course.

Class 10:

Assignment #4 Video review and feedback

Final class. Marc will present his review of Assignment #4. Final Question and Answer Opportunity.

Here's a selection of student feedback received:

"In case, it's not obvious enough....THANK YOU MARC.  Much gratitude for all your insightful teaching, instructive crits, and great access...all made me a better photographer!"

Joanne S.

"I’ve really enjoyed your teaching and the techniques in producing this dramatic style of photography. Thanks for putting this course together and being able to go through and comment on each and every photo submitted."

Nis S.

"Your assignments got me out practicing and shooting. Your feedback was not only helpful but also extremely encouraging and motivating. Thank you for an amazing 10 weeks."

Milicska J.

"I want to express what a joy this has been in learning from you. You are an inspired photographer and a great teacher, and I want to thank you for your video critiques and the time you invested to create the video lessons and handouts."

Jeff S.

"Marc, thank you for a very beneficial and enjoyable class. I sincerely appreciate your dedication to your students."

Sam B.

"Thanks Marc for your insight into long exposure photography and the constructive criticism of my photos. I'm very proud of the photos I now have and could not had achieved this without this class."

Ian T.

"The Google Community you created for the class was a great method to stay connected with all participants and learn from others, in addition to your spectacular reviews and videos. Your critique sessions are always quite insightful and done so in a very professional manner; I always learn a tremendous amount from your special gift of breaking images down and recommending improvements. This was my second "remote" class with you and look forward to one day taking a class from you in person. Thanks again for you guidance."

Joanne S.

"I’ve just come back from a trip de Turkey (amazing and beautiful country) and have been watching your posted reviews of our 5th assignment. It’s a fantastic learning experience, and I want to say how much I personally appreciate the time you put into it."

Greg H.

"I really apprceiated the video tutorials and video feedback of everyone's images. I learned so much and got inspired seeing what the other participants photographed. In addition to your PDF handouts it made for a truly multimedia learning experience. My only criticism is that I wish the course would have lasted longer -:) Thank you Marc."

Sebastian T.

"Your course has been a wonderful learning experience. And has taken me a step closer to the kind of photography I love the best. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you yet again for this opportunity."

Sharon M.

"Thanks Marc. You have been a wonderful teacher. Even with my hearing impairment, I have easily followed your on-line tutorials and you have been so kind and positive with your feedback. This course came at the perfect time for me."

Shirley B.

"I am finding the note packages you send to be easy to follow.....thanks!"

Ron L.

"I have enjoyed the course very much. It really has stretched me, as a photographer....which is good.....and learned so much."

Jacquie C.

"I have really enjoyed this class and your feedback, thank you and I look forward to the continuation of this long exposure life style!"

Curtis J

"You have shown us step by step how to do this (long exposure photography), and what programs and techniques you are using. This has really given me something to sink my teeth into and a direction to take my hobby that gets me excited. I am super pleased. Thank you."

Mark S.

"Marc, many thanks for your review of my images. The way you look at these and your comments are incredibly helpful in giving me ideas for both building skill as a photographer, and giving me the visual tools to further understand composition."

Christopher M.

How this ONLINE Course works:

Marc is excited to be teaching in this online format.

Every week (on Monday morning), you'll receive your lesson for the week. The lesson typically is in the form of a PDF document that you can download and study, but Marc has also prepared video tutorials for you as well. Together, these materials provide a rich learning resource that will get you out shooting using new techniques and skills.

After studying the lessons, you'll have time to shoot the bi-weekly photo assignment. Photo Assignments are due on Sunday evening every two weeks (so you got 13 days to get each of them done).

Within 3 - 7 days you'll receive personalized feedback on your submitted assignments. This is where our online course really shines. Marc has reserved time to communicate and provide feedback to each student individually, something that is often a challenge in a 'traditional' workshop setting. To guarantee your access to your instructor Marc, we have limited this online class to only 25 participants. And all critiquing is done by Marc himself, not hired teaching assistants.

You upload your images to a password protected online community created using the service google plus, where only your fellow course participants and your instructor Marc can see them. Here, you can also receive comments and see the other participants images and what Marc and other's have said about them. There is also a forum were you can get in touch 24/7 with your questions and comments.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How is this course organized and the 'material' delivered?

A: For his online course, Marc uses a private community page created on google plus. All particpants will be pointed to and instructed how to join this private community created just for this course. This platform allows for everyone to interact, share images, questions, comment on other people's images etc. It is completely private and all content can only be seen by participnats in the course. Every Monday Marc will send an email with course content for that week. This content, which can in the form of a PDF and/or a video, is then also posted to the google plus community. Feedback for assignments are always in video format, and you will be able to see everyone's images and listen to Marc's thoughts about them (not just your own), so that you may learn from all of it.

It is important to note that interaction is not limited to Monday's only - that is the day for the 'official' handouts and tutorials, but you are free to interact 24/7. Finally, if you prefer to take this course but remain anonymous, you are welcome to join the online community with a different name (aka your nickname), or you can choose to participate using email only - in that case links to tutorial and image review video(s) will be emailed to you (but you will miss the interaction with the other students taking place on the online community).


Q: How much time will I need to work on this course each week?

A: A minimum of 20-30 minutes each week, plus shooting assignments. You can spend significantly more time, you will get out of this course what you put in.


Q: What kind of camera and lens do I need for this course?

A: Any digital or film camera will do, as long as it has manual controls and is able to do a 'bulb' exposure. In addition to your camera, you'll also need a good sturdy tripod, a remote or cable release (so you can keep your camera's shutter open for minutes), and a ND filter.


Q: What ND filters do you recommend?

A: Marc uses flters made by B+W, Hoya, Singh-Ray and Hitech, but any brand will work for this course. Whatever brand you use, it is recommended to have a total of 13 - 16 stops of ND filtration (either in a single filter or you can stack multiple filters).


Q: Do I have to be online at any specific times?

A: No you don't. The lessons are send via email, so you can work on them anytime, where-ever you happen to be. You submit the assignments online, and this can be done anytime before the assignment due date.


Q: Do I need to own any software for this course?

A: No you don't. All software presented can be downloaded as free trial versions, so you can follow along and only decide to buy if you are convinced it is the right choice for you.


Q: Do I need to have a specific lens for this course?

A: No you don't. Any lens will do, even a kit lens that came with yor camera. Marc uses wide-angle lenses down to 18mm and wider, but you can do this course with almost any lens that you already own.



Beginner/Intermediate/Professional. Must be comfortable with personal camera operation.


Maximum of only 15 participants for each course!

Equipment Needed:

Digital or Film camera (must have manual controls) and at least 1 lens.
A Tripod (!)
Remote Cable Release
ND (neutral density) Filter. Minimum of 8 stops but more is recommended (see below)

ND Filter Recommendation: Marc uses 16 stops of ND filtration. This is achieved by stacking a 10 stop and a 6 stop filter. Marc uses flters made by B+W, Hoya, Tiffen and Hitech, but any brand will work for this course.

"I want to express what a joy this has been in learning from you. You are an inspired photographer and a great teacher, and I want to thank you for your video critiques and the time you invested to create the video lessons and handouts."

"Marc's skill and enthusiasm for teaching is only matched by his incredibly inspiring photographs. Thank you for a great workshop today!"

"Marc, earlier this fall I took your Long Exposure Workshop and ended up with a number of prints I quite like. I went off to practice on Pender Island and ended up with an image that did well in the local camera club competition. So thanks for your contribution."

"Hi Marc, I wanted to let you know, I won a merit award in the B&W single image contest. Please let me know when you have another Long Exposure Workshop shooting in a different location. Thanks."

Read more testimonials......

The Fine Art Long Exposure and Post processing Online Course is taught by the following instructor:

Marc Koegel
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